1u Barebones 1u Barebones
Design a 1U Barebone server featuring Xeon server motherboards utilizing dual-core and quad-core processors from Intel.
4u Barebones Servers 4u Barebones Solutions
The Avena line of 4U Barebone servers deliver high reliability and unparalleled scalability.
2u Barebones 2u Barebones
Customize a 2U Barebone server benefiting Xeon processors with the choice of SATA, SAS or SCSI disk drives.
5u Barebones Servers 5u Barebones Solutions
Avena 5U and above storage servers provide maximum storage capacity and enterprise-level computing performance.
3u Barebones 3u Barebones
Create a custom 3U Barebone server featuring Intel Xeon processors. Choose from single-cpu servers up to multi-cpu rackmounts.
Custom Servers Custom Storage Solutions
Avena provides a wide selection of cost-effective, high performance custom servers and can customize any server to meet your stringent specifications.







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